Hong Kong: For a mass campaign of resistance against the Legco coup

‘Long Hair’ Leung Kwok-hung.

Judge’s disqualification of legislators a massive threat to democracy struggle

Death of Liu Xiaobo

Protest by League of Social Democrats in Hong Kong to demand release of Liu Xiaobo.

China’s dictatorship guilty of “political murder”

Film review: Joshua – Teenager vs. Superpower

Film review: Joshua – Teenager vs. Superpower

Prize-winning documentary of young democracy activist offers sympathy, but no solutions

20 years since the Asian financial crisis

Finance sector employees protest in Bangkok in November 1997.

Capitalism is preparing new catastrophes

Hong Kong: Socialist Action is a growing force

Migrant groups march with Socialist Action on June 18, for 8-hour working day, equal pay for equal work, and against racism.

Success in recruiting migrants, women and youth in 2017