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20 years since the Asian financial crisis

Finance sector employees protest in Bangkok in November 1997.

Capitalism is preparing new catastrophes

China’s economy: “bubble, bubble, bubble”

China’s economy: “bubble, bubble, bubble”

Warnings of debt crisis get louder

Trump backs down over ‘One China’ policy

Trump made his first official call to  Xi Jinping on 9 February.

Round One to Xi Jinping?

China: Massive job destruction has already begun

A steel mill in Anhui province.

China’s rulers are destroying ten times as many coal mining jobs as Britain’s ‘Iron Lady’ Mrs Thatcher

Mineworkers’ protests shake Chinese leaders

Mineworkers’ banner reads: “Pay back the money, Chinese Communist Party!”

Thousands march in Heilongjiang province • Oppose job cuts, oppose repression – workers need their own democratic trade union!