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Hong Kong: Government policies harm refugee children

Protest on 22 November at SFO in Sham Shui Po.

Protests by refugee families, “No more delays – education is a right!”

China exporting state repression

Cartoon by Chinese artist Badiucao.

Under Xi Jinping’s rule repression, censorship, and ‘Big Brother’ surveillance have reached new levels, resembling and in some aspects surpassing Orwell’s science fiction nightmare

2017: Year of the crackdown in Hong Kong

Socialist magazine on sale at July 1 pro-democracy demo.

Disrespect for national anthem punishible by three years in prison – latest installment in a wave of undemocratic measures

Brazil: Union confederation protests Hong Kong repression

Brazil: Union confederation protests Hong Kong repression

Petition demanding release of political prisoners in Hong Kong approved at CSP-Conlutas national congress

Protests in 20 countries against Hong Kong repression

Hong Kong press conference for Stop Repression in Hong Kong campaign (from left: Leung Kwok-hung, Sally Tang Mei-ching, Dr Fernando Cheung.

“Release political prisoners, stop disqualifications and election fraud!”