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China: Twin meetings, mass layoffs and failed reforms

Meeting of the National People's Congress

A panel of socialists give their views on what’s happening in China

Mineworkers’ protests shake Chinese leaders

Mineworkers’ banner reads: “Pay back the money, Chinese Communist Party!”

Thousands march in Heilongjiang province • Oppose job cuts, oppose repression – workers need their own democratic trade union!

Q & A: Riot in Hong Kong

Hardline police tactics triggered the Mong Kok riot.

Where do socialists stand?

China: Strikes surge as jobs disappear

IBM workers protest in Shenzhen in 2014.

There was a dramatic escalation in the number of workers’ struggles in China last year, especially in the final months

Chinese regime cracks down on labour activists

Chinese regime cracks down on labour activists

Coordinated arrests of labour activists in Guangdong province as workers’ struggles multiply