Hong Kong: 50,000 march to “end one-party dictatorship”

社會主義者 (Socialist) magazine on sale at July 1 demonstration in Hong Kong.  [Photo: Dan Garret]

Lower numbers reflect need for clear strategy of mass action against authoritarian rule

Hong Kong’s June 4 vigil: What did the ‘student boycott’ achieve?

Candle-light vigil in Hong Kong on June 4.

Yet again Hong Kong organised a powerful act of defiance on 1989 massacre anniversary

Hong Kong: Shock and anger at six-year jail sentence for Edward Leung

Edward Leung Tin-kei sentenced to 6 years in jail.

‘Mongkok riot’ trials reveal a political agenda to deter the younger generation from resisting repression 

International solidarity actions with Hong Kong democracy struggle

Protest at Foreign Ministry in Mexico City, May 4, Stop Repression in Hong Kong.

Protests in 25 cities around the world on May 4 against attacks on democratic rights

Hong Kong: Stop political persecution of ‘Long Hair’

Hong Kong: Stop political persecution of ‘Long Hair’

Expelled lawmaker has been a consistent thorn in the side of pro-Beijing camp’s authoritarian big business agenda