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Hong Kong: What next after massive July 1 demo?

Sally Tang Mei-ching arrested in the morning of July 2.

Battle-lines hardening as masses push for democracy while government steps up repression Vincent Kolo, This year’s ‘7.1’ (July 1) anti-government demonstration in Hong Kong was massive, one of the biggest protests in East Asia in the past decade. Demo organisers put the attendance at over 500,000, similar to the turnout in […]

Tiananmen massacre remembered at massive Hong Kong vigil

June 4 in Hong Kong, around 200,000 took part in 2013.

180,000 attend ‘6.4’ anniversary protest • Rival protest events show political polarisation Nate Norman and Jaco Lam, Socialist Action (CWI Hong Kong) On the 25th anniversary of the Beijing massacre, Hong Kong’s candlelight vigil commemorating those killed had a strong turnout of 180,000 people, topping the past two years’ attendance. […]

25 years since the June 4 Tiananmen massacre

Hundreds or even thousands perished in the military storming of central Beijing.

Can the Chinese dictatorship survive another quarter of a century?  Vincent Kolo, June 4th marks the 25th anniversary of the bloody massacre in Beijing that ended the mass student-led democracy movement which came close to toppling the Chinese dictatorship. This year on the night of June 4, hundreds of thousands will […]

Yuhang mass protests shake Chinese regime

Yuhang mass protests shake Chinese regime

Massive police repression after thousands march against waste plant in Zhejiang province Vincent Kolo, In March, to great fan fare, Premier Li Keqiang promised to launch a “war on pollution.” But after this weekend’s chaotic and bloody scenes in Yuhang, Zhejiang province, it seems the government has launched a […]

“Release Lin Dong” demand Hong Kong protesters

“Release Lin Dong” demand Hong Kong protesters

NGO activist seized during Dongguan shoe workers’ mass strike • To fight for unpaid social insurance contributions is not a crime! Socialist Action reporters in Hong Kong Protesters gathered outside the Central Government’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong on Wednesday May 14 to protest against the detention of 27-year-old Lin […]