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Occupy Central: Strike call shows the way forward

Occupy Central: Strike call shows the way forward

HONG KONG: A city-wide student strike would galvanise mass opposition to the government’s fake electoral reform Dikang, Socialist Action The latest weeks have seen a massive change in the situation in Hong Kong with a sharpening of positions on both sides of the democracy struggle. The idea raised by some […]

Hong Kong: What next after massive July 1 demo?

Sally Tang Mei-ching arrested in the morning of July 2.

Battle-lines hardening as masses push for democracy while government steps up repression Vincent Kolo, This year’s ‘7.1’ (July 1) anti-government demonstration in Hong Kong was massive, one of the biggest protests in East Asia in the past decade. Demo organisers put the attendance at over 500,000, similar to the turnout in […]

25 years since the June 4 Tiananmen massacre

Hundreds or even thousands perished in the military storming of central Beijing.

Can the Chinese dictatorship survive another quarter of a century?  Vincent Kolo, June 4th marks the 25th anniversary of the bloody massacre in Beijing that ended the mass student-led democracy movement which came close to toppling the Chinese dictatorship. This year on the night of June 4, hundreds of thousands will […]

Hong Kong: How can the democracy struggle go forward?

Hong Kong: How can the democracy struggle go forward?

Between 20,000 and 30,000 march on New Year’s Day, but frustration and divisions are rising within the pro-democracy struggle Dikang, Socialist Action (CWI) in Hong Kong Thousands again took to the streets of Hong Kong to demand genuine universal suffrage on the annual New Year’s Day march against the city’s […]

China: Lessons of 1989 mass democracy movement

The mass protests represented a revolutionary threat to CCP rule.

New foreword to the traditional Chinese edition of ‘Tiananmen 1989 – Seven Weeks That Shook The World’ Dikang, Socialist Action (CWI Hong Kong) This book about the bloody Beijing massacre of June 4, 1989, was first published in simplified Chinese* in 2009 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary. It […]