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Tiananmen massacre remembered at massive Hong Kong vigil

June 4 in Hong Kong, around 200,000 took part in 2013.

180,000 attend ‘6.4’ anniversary protest • Rival protest events show political polarisation Nate Norman and Jaco Lam, Socialist Action (CWI Hong Kong) On the 25th anniversary of the Beijing massacre, Hong Kong’s candlelight vigil commemorating those killed had a strong turnout of 180,000 people, topping the past two years’ attendance. […]

25 years since the June 4 Tiananmen massacre

Hundreds or even thousands perished in the military storming of central Beijing.

Can the Chinese dictatorship survive another quarter of a century?  Vincent Kolo, June 4th marks the 25th anniversary of the bloody massacre in Beijing that ended the mass student-led democracy movement which came close to toppling the Chinese dictatorship. This year on the night of June 4, hundreds of thousands will […]

Tiananmen 1989: 25 years since the mass democracy movement

Tiananmen 1989: 25 years since the mass democracy movement

China’s dictatorship is haunted by the prospect of a new mass revolt Vincent Kolo, On 15 April 1989 Hu Yaobang, the former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, died of a heart attack. This became the start signal for one of the biggest mass movements in modern […]

China: Lessons of 1989 mass democracy movement

The mass protests represented a revolutionary threat to CCP rule.

New foreword to the traditional Chinese edition of ‘Tiananmen 1989 – Seven Weeks That Shook The World’ Dikang, Socialist Action (CWI Hong Kong) This book about the bloody Beijing massacre of June 4, 1989, was first published in simplified Chinese* in 2009 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary. It […]

Tiananmen 1989 and the working class

Tiananmen 1989 and the working class

Nothing alarmed the CCP dictatorship more than the movement of the working class aroused to action by the student-led democracy protests Vincent Kolo, from the book Tiananmen 1989: Seven Weeks That Shook the World The great significance of the 1989 movement lay in the fact that it was an urban-based movement (it […]