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China: Is the worst over?

Xi's rule is facing economic and political headwinds.

Chinese regime cranks up stimulus spending to 2009 levels – a sign of confidence or desperation?

Panama Papers: Eight Chinese leaders named

Panama Papers: Eight Chinese leaders named

Massive clampdown by state media censors fearing Iceland-like revolt

China: Journalist Jia Jia arrested as media climate darkens

State controls over the news media and internet have increased under Xi Jinping.

Repression increasing but splits also emerging within Chinese party-state

China: Authorities round up more suspects over Xi resignation letter

Hong Kong: Supporters of Socialist Action (CWI) protest the disappearance of Lee Bo.

The Chinese regime is stepping up its crackdown on dissent

China: Massive job destruction has already begun

A steel mill in Anhui province.

China’s rulers are destroying ten times as many coal mining jobs as Britain’s ‘Iron Lady’ Mrs Thatcher