Socialist (社会主义者‏) magazine: issue 25 out now


Banned in China – Socialist magazine celebrates 5 years of publication!

Socialist magazine

The March-April issue of Chinese language Socialist (社会主义者‏) magazine is out on the streets in Hong Kong. Next week the Taiwan and mainland China editions will also appear. The new issue (number 25) includes analysis of the upheavals in Ukraine and Thailand as well as the inspiring struggles by migrant workers and refugees in Hong Kong. It also contains several articles on the fight for women’s rights as we prepare to mark International Women’s Day (Saturday 8 March) as a day of struggle.

Despite being banned by the CCP dictatorship, Socialist magazine is reaching into the country and expanding. The current issue marks our 5th birthday, having first appeared in early 2009. We are proud of this achievement: five years of uninterrupted production (in three local editions) to deliver a Marxist analysis of key events in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as international and historical events. As revolutionary socialists who stand for the end of dictatorial rule and immediate and full democracy, alongside the abolition of capitalist robbery, our magazine is a vital tool to build an organised left alternative and campaign for the creation of a new party of the working class.

In Hong Kong, right-wing and racist groups have conducted a smear campaign against the supporters of Socialist Action (as the CWI is known in the territory) and especially our fund-raising activities and sales of the magazine. We give a full reply to these attacks in this issue of the magazine. The Taiwan issue has articles on the anti-nuclear struggle and the Fukushima anniversary (11 March). Another large demonstration is planned for Taipei on 8 March against the Kuomintang government’s nuclear programme. CWI comrades are hoping for record sales on the demo, to show the need for a class struggle approach to anti-nuclear and envionmental issues, which pose the need to overthrow capitalism.

Socialist magazine costs HK$25 in Hong Kong / 100 TWD in Taiwan. To order inside China contact [email protected] or click on the SUBSCRIBE icon (right of this article). In Hong Kong the magazine is available from the following bookshops. You can also order your copy from [email protected]

Get Socialist magazine here:

  • Causeway Bay: People’s Community, 1/F 18 Russel Street (opposite Times Square)
  • Yau Ma Tei: Kubrick, Shop H2, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square St.
  • Mongkok: Hong Kong Reader, 7/F 68 Sai Yeung Choi St. Greenfield Book Store, 1F 56 Sai Yeung Choi St.