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Hong Kong’s June 4 vigil: What did the ‘student boycott’ achieve?

Candle-light vigil in Hong Kong on June 4.

Yet again Hong Kong organised a powerful act of defiance on 1989 massacre anniversary

Hong Kong: Federation of Students withdraws from Tiananmen vigil

Hong Kong: Federation of Students withdraws from Tiananmen vigil

Decision is not ‘radical’ but a further step backwards from mass anti-government struggle

The persecution of Pu Zhiqiang

The persecution of Pu Zhiqiang

Chinese regime is intensifying censorship and repression

25 years since the June 4 Tiananmen massacre

Hundreds or even thousands perished in the military storming of central Beijing.

Can the Chinese dictatorship survive another quarter of a century?  Vincent Kolo, June 4th marks the 25th anniversary of the bloody massacre in Beijing that ended the mass student-led democracy movement which came close to toppling the Chinese dictatorship. This year on the night of June 4, hundreds of thousands will […]

China: Lessons of 1989 mass democracy movement

The mass protests represented a revolutionary threat to CCP rule.

New foreword to the traditional Chinese edition of ‘Tiananmen 1989 – Seven Weeks That Shook The World’ Dikang, Socialist Action (CWI Hong Kong) This book about the bloody Beijing massacre of June 4, 1989, was first published in simplified Chinese* in 2009 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary. It […]