July 14, 2024

    20th Congress

    China: Xi purges CCP’s top ranks

    At the Communist Party’s 20th Congress dictator Xi Jinping made a clean sweep of the party-state’s top organs including the once powerful Standing Committee, but does the purge translate into greater strength or stability? Vincent Kolo, chinaworker....

    China: Xi Jinping’s 20th Congress caps five years of political disasters

    Xi’s totalitarian rule is steering China towards revolutionary upheavals Editorial from Socialist (社會主義者) magazine, published by International Socialist Alternative in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan The Chinese regime (CCP) is holding its 20th Congress ...

    Latest News

    War in Ukraine: Both imperialist camps are escalating the slaughter

    With no end in sight, working class struggle against war and imperialism is crucial Per-Åke Westerlund, ISA International Executive (This article wa...

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