June 5, 2023

    Bernie Sanders

    US: Why the Left shouldn’t support Joe Biden

    With the US Presidential election looming, pressure is mounting to vote for Joe Biden to keep Trump out. Keely Mullen, Socialist Alternative (ISA USA) Even the New York Times has carried an editorial headed “Why socialists should support Joe Bid...

    #DemExit: Time to launch a new party of, by, and for working people

    Join us for a mass protest and conference in Milwaukee Kshama Sawant  Socialist Alternative (ISA in USA) Sign our petition: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/demexit-we-need-a-new-party The Coronavirus is spreading, global markets are in chaos, ...

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    When Liverpool took on Thatcher

    40th anniversary of the election of Liverpool’s Militant-led Labour Council Interview with ISA member Laurence Coates, who was a full-time organizer ...

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