June 21, 2024


    50 years of CWI/ISA: Our struggle for a fighting revolutionary Marxist International

    Arne Johansson, Socialistiskt Alternativ (ISA in Sweden) When the CWI, the Committee for a Workers International, was formed in the upstairs of the Mother Red Cap pub (an old pub said to have been frequented by Karl Marx, rebuilt in the 1980s and...

    The Collapse of Stalinism (Part 1)

    Historic document from International Socialist Alternative (formerly known as the Committee for a Workers’ International) now available in Chinese The Collapse of Stalinism is an important historical document of ISA (formerly CWI) published in June ...

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    Britain: Tory vs. Tory-lite – Which way forward after the election?

    Only mass resistance will bring change under a Labour government Socialist Alternative (ISA in England, Wales & Scotland) The Tories are gasping...

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