January 29, 2022


    China: State repression against left activists escalates

    Drop the charges against Chai Xiaoming chinaworker.info (ISA in China) reporters On 14 August, left activist Chai Xiaoming was tried secretly by the Intermediate Court in the eastern city of Nanjing on the charge of “inciting subversion of state po...

    Belarus – Endgame being played out

    Today strikes have continued to spread. The coming days will decide the question one way or another. Rob Jones, Socialist Alternative (ISA Russia) Today strikes have continued to spread. Lukashenko speaking at a Minsk factory stated that “We have...

    Hong Kong national security law – Xi Jinping’s “nuclear option”

    The imposition of the new national security law in Hong Kong by the Chinese dictatorship (CCP) is a massive blow to democratic and political rights Per-Ake Westerlund and Vincent Kolo The effect of the Chinese regime’s new law is similar to a milit...

    Hong Kong’s democracy struggle – how to break the impasse?

    Carrie Lam’s government faces its biggest challenges since taking office Editorial from Socialist (社会主义者‏) magazine issue 51, Spring 2019 Increased authoritarian rule and a political crackdown in Hong Kong have not translated into stable g...

    China’s hi-tech police state in Xinjiang comes under global spotlight

    What’s behind the newfound indignation of the US and other governments over China’s repression of its Muslim minorities? chinaworker.info reporters After decades of silence governments in Washington, Berlin, London, Ottawa and elsewhere ha...

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    Kazakhstan: Revolutionary events and military intervention

    Revolutionary events such as those that have taken place in Kazakhstan over the last couple of days have their own dynamic — once started they are difficult to stop. Now dozens have been killed and thousands arrested as foreign troops arrive.

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