March 1, 2024


    Taiwan election: DPP victory a big setback for Chinese regime

    But no solutions for working people from Taiwan's three capitalist parties ISA Taiwan Taiwan’s presidential election on January 13 saw the victory of the incumbent Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), but they also lost their majority in Taiwan’s pa...

    Taiwan: Thousands march against Ma’s nuclear policy

    Echoes of ‘sunflower movement’ as thousands stage ‘occupy’ protests in Taipei CWI Taiwan reporters There seems to be no respite for Taiwan’s beleaguered president Ma Ying-jeou. Tens of thousands of people took part in a two-day protest in Taipe...

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    Lenin: His Legacy 100 Years After His Death

    The Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, died on 21 January 1924 — 100 years ago. The party he led, known as t...

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