February 5, 2023


    Egypt: One of the biggest mass movements in history prompts military take-over

    The revolution must continue! For a government of workers and the poor! Aysha Zaki, CWI During the last week of tumultous events in Egypt, Aysha Zaki has discussed with socialist opposition activists in Cairo about the mass movement to the rule...

    Egypt: Morsi removed – No trust in the generals

    For independent action by workers and poor Robert Bechert, CWI The removal and arrest of President Morsi by the military marks a new, challenging but potentially dangerous stage in the unfolding Egyptian revolution. Morsi’s end came quickly ...

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    Sweden: Kurds deported to Turkey, NATO militarisation continues

    More than for a very long time, a movement against militarism, imperialism and deportations is needed Editorial from Offensiv, Paper of Rattviseparti...

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