December 12, 2023

    Hualong Strike

    Taiwan: A successful meeting for solidarity with Hualon strikers

    Solidarity and struggle until victory CWI in Taiwan 22 July was an exciting day, because Hualon textile workers came to Taipei from Miaoli, 100km away, and had a discussion with people. This discussion was held by CWI Taiwan and other groups. 4...

    Taiwan: Textile workers occupy Hualon Factory

    Solidarity needed in fight to save jobs CWI Taiwan Three hundred textile workers in the Hualon Corporation’s factory in Miaoli County, Taiwan declared indefinite strike more than a month ago on 6 June. Since then they have occupied the factory ...

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    Xi-Biden talks: No thaw in Cold War

    Both U.S. and China make fake show of “progress” at San Francisco summit Editorial from Socialist 《社會主義者》magazine, journal of ISA in China, Hong Kong...

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