July 15, 2024


    Against capitalism’s anti-LGBTQ+ offensive — Build a militant movement for liberation

    The choice is between socialist change or the intensifying repression and inequality offered by capitalism. International Socialist Alternative Pride Statement (This article was first published on 25 June 2023) This Pride month LGBTQ+ people are f...

    China among the world’s most unequal nations

    New study puts China’s Gini coefficient at 0.61, almost level with South Africa • Real unemployment level double the official figure Chinaworker.info China’s sharply widening wealth gap places it among the most unequal nations, a new survey by ...

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    War in Ukraine: Both imperialist camps are escalating the slaughter

    With no end in sight, working class struggle against war and imperialism is crucial Per-Åke Westerlund, ISA International Executive (This article wa...

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