June 17, 2024


    Why China’s “build, build, build” model eventually crashed

    Dikang, chinaworker.info 80 percent of China’s local government finance vehicles (LGFVs) can no longer meet their bond repayments. The LGFVs are entities owned by local governments that were set up at the time of the global financial crisis in 2008. ...

    China’s economy in the grip of ‘Japanification’

    Property collapse deepens while concerns rise over slow and limited government intervention Editorial from issue 71 Socialist《社会主义者》magazine, the magazine of ISA in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan China’s economic crisis entered a new more dangero...

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    Pride Month: How the movement against the Vietnam War electrified the fight for queer rights

    Stonewall itself had roots of its own, in the movement that developed against the Vietnam War, which not only helped to crystallize a gay political identity but set the stage for decades of queer organizing to come

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