June 17, 2024

    Property crisis

    China’s involuted economy

    The economy is tipping into a deflationary crisis with a worsening debt crunch, falling wages and prices, and increasing reliance of fraudulent economic data Editorial, issue 74 of Socialist magazine (China magazine published by ISA in China,...

    China’s economy in the grip of ‘Japanification’

    Property collapse deepens while concerns rise over slow and limited government intervention Editorial from issue 71 Socialist《社会主义者》magazine, the magazine of ISA in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan China’s economic crisis entered a new more dangero...

    Explainer: How Marxists see China’s property crash

    Dikang, chinaworker.info China’s property market is now in its second year of deep slump. This is the most serious of all the serious economic problems facing the CCP dictatorship today. Why is this the case? It is because inves...

    China: Mortgage revolt shakes government

    The growing mortgage rebellion shows how events in China are moving fast chinaworker.info China is being shaken by a new resistance movement. Tens of thousands of mortgage rebels have announced they will no longer pay back their housing loans for unf...

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    Biden’s industrial policy: Will it rebuild the US economy?

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