May 26, 2024

    Rosa Luxemburg

    150 years — Learning from Rosa Luxemburg

    Today, environmental degradation and economic crisis make it clear to many people that capitalism offers us no future, as many new mass movements show. What they lack is an organization and leadership that has internalized the hard lessons from Rosa Luxemburg’s struggles and many other past failed revolutions. This, plus the living experiences of new movements, are the basis for developing a revolutionary program to overcome capitalism in our time. We have made it our task to build such an organization with the ISA.

    Rosa Luxemburg: Her revolutionary ideas

    January 15th marked the 101st anniversary of the murder of the outstanding revolutionary socialist leader, Rosa Luxemburg  Eleanor Crossey-Malone (ISA Ireland) This article, first published by Socialist Party Ireland, looks at her def...

    Revolutionary History: 100th Anniversary of the Kapp Putsch in Germany

    How the German working class fended off a right-wing coup, almost seized power and was once again betrayed by the Social Democratic Party Marcus Hesse SAV (ISA in Germany) One often hears that a general strike is not possible in Germany, let alone ...

    Latest News

    US: War machine cracks down on student anti-war protests

    Ferocious repression underway Jesada Jitpraphakhan, Socialist Alternative (ISA in the United States) (This article was first published on 1 May 2024...

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