May 15, 2021


    Inter-Imperialist conflict and a new Cold War

    What Next? Sonja Grusch, SLP (ISA in Austria) This article is based on an introductory speech given by Sonja Grusch, a member of the ISA International Executive, at the ISA Virtual Marxist University in July 2020. The background to the discussion ...

    Belarus: Lukashenko uses ‘tikhari’ and ‘cosmonauts’ against working people

    Independent action by the working class can break the current deadlock.  Rob Jones Sotsialisticheskaya Alternativa — ISA in Russia After weeks of stand-off between the mass protesters and the Lukashenko regime, the current deadlock can only be...

    Russia coronavirus: The “old, sick wolf” relaxes lock-down while infection rates soar

    Within days, Russia will have the second highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world, second only to the US Rob Jones   ISA Already over 260,000 cases, the number is currently increasing by 10–12000 a day. At the epicenter is...

    Russia:“Pussy riot” – made into scapegoats by revengeful Putin

    Public support growing for punk group! Rob Jones Moscow It would have been difficult to predict a year ago that a group of “third generation feminist punk rockers” calling themselves “Pussy riot” and dressed in brightly colored balaclavas and w...

    Russia: Moscow police round-up 6th May protesters

    Protest to Russian Embassies! CWI Reporters, Moscow Nearly three months after the event, Russian police are continuing to arrest protesters who took part in a massive opposition demonstration of 6 May. The demonstration ended in clashes and the...

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    150 years — Learning from Rosa Luxemburg

    Today, environmental degradation and economic crisis make it clear to many people that capitalism offers us no future, as many new mass movements show. What they lack is an organization and leadership that has internalized the hard lessons from Rosa Luxemburg’s struggles and many other past failed revolutions. This, plus the living experiences of new movements, are the basis for developing a revolutionary program to overcome capitalism in our time. We have made it our task to build such an organization with the ISA.

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