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Russia coronavirus: The “old, sick wolf” relaxes lock-down while infection rates soar

Ambulance queues at Moscow hospitals

Within days, Russia will have the second highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world, second only to the US

The Russian Revolution: How the Bolsheviks Treated the National Question


A century after the October revolution, the approach of the Bolsheviks to resolving the national question remains a shining example of what could be achieved in resolving national conflicts if genuine socialist governments were to come to power across the world

Iran: Trump brings region closer to war

Iran: Trump brings region closer to war

While we oppose US imperialism’s self-declared “right” to assassinate its opponents, no socialist will shed any tears for Qassem Soleimani

Bombing Syria – What is Trump’s real agenda?

Bombing Syria – What is Trump’s real agenda?

With the bomb attack against Syria on April 14, US imperialism and its allies France and Britain significantly raised tensions in the Middle East and globally

What’s behind the Korean nuclear crisis?

Submarine launched ballistic missile on display at Pyongyang military parade

The North Korean bomb test on 3 September, the most powerful yet, and the bellicose reaction of the US, underlines the volatile and dangerous situation in the peninsula and entire region