July 19, 2024


    Revolutionary history: Sweden 1905 – Workers’ struggle and the socialists secured peace with N...

    Down with the weapons! With this slogan, the socialist youth movement in Sweden ran a mass campaign that secured peace with Norway in 1905. The socialist youth movement called for a general strike to prevent a war. Per Olsson, Rättvisepartiet Social...

    Hong Kong national security law – Xi Jinping’s “nuclear option”

    The imposition of the new national security law in Hong Kong by the Chinese dictatorship (CCP) is a massive blow to democratic and political rights Per-Ake Westerlund and Vincent Kolo The effect of the Chinese regime’s new law is similar to a milit...

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    United States: Trump assassination attempt helps the right

    Assassinations offer no way forward. We need a revolution to dismantle the sick system of capitalism, get rid of capitalist servants like Trump and Biden, and transform society along socialist lines.

    Join us and organize to back fight. For a socialist world