December 10, 2023

    Summer School

    CWI Summer School: New uprisings hit Latin America

    Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba and Latin America Laura Fitzgerald, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) Johan Rivas, CWI activist in Venezuela, introduced a discussion on Latin America at this year’s CWI Summer School. He noted the opening of a new perio...

    CWI Summer School: A stormy period for the world economy and relations

    Capitalist crisis and workers’ mass struggles take global dimensions Finghín Kelly, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) This week, up to 400 people are attending the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) annual Summer School in Belgium, from al...

    Latest News

    Xi-Biden talks: No thaw in Cold War

    Both U.S. and China make fake show of “progress” at San Francisco summit Editorial from Socialist 《社會主義者》magazine, journal of ISA in China, Hong Kong...

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