July 13, 2024

    Trade Union

    The working class is back: The strike wave in Britain

    After 12 months of the largest strike movement in Britain for decades, the idea of the organised working class as a force capable of taking on the employers and government is back. This sense of how we can powerfully fight back is not going away.

    Healthcare:Neoliberalism causes “social murder” on a global scale

    For a social and political program to fight the pandemic Katya Raetz (Sweden) and Marty Harrison (US) frontline health workers and ISA members The figures for those infected and deceased are outdated as soon as they are reported. More than 3.5 mill...

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    War in Ukraine: Both imperialist camps are escalating the slaughter

    With no end in sight, working class struggle against war and imperialism is crucial Per-Åke Westerlund, ISA International Executive (This article wa...

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