June 23, 2024

    World Perspectives

    2023 World Perspectives(2): How the Multi-Faceted Global Crisis Affects Different Regions

    Duing the World Congress of ISA held from 30 January to 5 February delegates and visitors held intense discussions on ‘World Perspectives’. As a consequence, the document “Epoch of multiple crises -we have a world to win” was passed. We publish here Part 2 — dealing with the various regions of the world.

    World Perspectives: Age of austerity preparing seismic convulsions

    We are living through one of the most dramatic periods in history Document adopted by the December 2012 meeting of the International Executive Committee of the CWIIntroduction We are living through one of the most dramatic periods in history....

    World economy: Riding the double-dipper

    Capitalist leaders are in disarray as they strive and fail to get to grips with the eurozone crisis and its threat to the global economy Lynn Walsh, from Socialism Today, magazine of the Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales) Capitalist l...

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    Britain: Tory vs. Tory-lite – Which way forward after the election?

    Only mass resistance will bring change under a Labour government Socialist Alternative (ISA in England, Wales & Scotland) The Tories are gasping...

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