Climate Change: ISA prepares for Mass Protests at COP26

We are living through a decisive period in the fight against climate change. At current rates we are heading for 3C of global warming by the year 2100 — well above the 2C limit set by the Paris Agreement to avert a climate disaster.

This disaster is already unfolding. China, Germany and Belgium have been hit by unprecedented flooding in 2021. In the US, Canada, Turkey and Greece, severe heatwaves have taken hundreds of lives. It is clearer than ever that we need to act now. In light of this, November’s COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, will pose important questions about how to seriously tackle climate change.

Since the last summit in 2019 the situation has only got worse. A growing list of big business affiliates to the COP26 highlights that any kind of “system change” is off the table for the assembled governments. The conference will not provide any serious solutions. But it will be an important opportunity to get organized and build a fight for real action. This is why International Socialist Alternative (ISA) is mobilizing for a big and loud socialist contingent in Glasgow.

This is the leaflet that ISA members will distribute in the Glasgow protests:

Capitalism is killing the planet — fight for a socialist alternative!

We are an international organisation of revolutionary socialists in over 30 countries fighting for an end to capitalism and its crises including the worsening of the climate crisis and all forms of oppression. Join our international mobilisation to protest the COP26 climate summit in November:

  1. No time to lose
    For massive public investment in services, housing and infrastructure to stop emissions and to protect us against climate related disasters. We need more, better & free public transport!
  1. ‘Green capitalism’ is a lie – make the real polluters pay
    As a first step, tax the super-rich and corporations to invest in green technology, energy and jobs.
  2. Protect land and resources from corporate and imperialist exploitation
    Stop pipeline projects, deforestation and imperialist exploitation of natural resources while ensuring the needs and rights of Indigenous and other communities as well as a job guarantee for all workers.
  3. Strike together against the system – rebuild a fighting climate movement
    Organise grassroots climate committees of young people & workers – activate your community, school, workplace and union from bottom to top – to build a coordinated movement of protests and strikes that paralyse the economy and force real changes.
  4. Democratic socialist planning, not market chaos
    A system based on profit and competition cannot be made work to save the planet. To quickly cut emissions while guaranteeing a decent life and future for all, it is necessary, in a first step, to take the biggest corporations into public ownership combined with international democratic socialist planning. After all, we can only control what we own.
  5. Capitalism is destroying the planet, our jobs and livelihoods
    With an overthrow of the current system of exploitation of humans and nature, it will be possible to create millions of well-paid sustainable jobs and build a new green economy. This is also a prerequisite to end wars and conflicts and give a real answer to people who are forced to flee from their homes as a result of the climate crises.
  6. International workers’ solidarity instead of capitalist nationalist rivalry
    No to the US-China cold war, which weaponises the climate crisis. Cancel all foreign debts and scrap patents on green technology as well as medical and pharmaceutical technology. Knowledge, skills and resources must be shared based on international workers’ solidarity and cooperation.
  7. Change the world – fight for international socialism
    To win the revolutionary change necessary to end capitalism, the destruction of our planet and all forms of oppression, join a revolutionary organisation – Join ISA