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Xi Jinping: How strong is China’s strongman?

Xi Jinping: How strong is China’s strongman?

CCP leader’s doctrine of iron dictatorship and China’s “great power” status is enshrined in party constitution – but is this a recipe for stable rule?

Bannon kowtows to Chinese dictatorship

Socialist Action and League of Social Democrats protest against Steve Bannon in Hong Kong.

Anti-racist protest as Trump’s former strategist Steve Bannon speaks in Hong Kong

20 years since the Asian financial crisis

Finance sector employees protest in Bangkok in November 1997.

Capitalism is preparing new catastrophes

China’s economy: “bubble, bubble, bubble”

China’s economy: “bubble, bubble, bubble”

Warnings of debt crisis get louder

Trump backs down over ‘One China’ policy

Trump made his first official call to  Xi Jinping on 9 February.

Round One to Xi Jinping?