February 23, 2024


    Capitalism and COVID-19: Why We Need a Planned Economy

    weak spots and vulnerabilities built into every joint in the capitalist system. Keely Mullen Socialist Alternative (ISA-the US) Capitalism is set up like a house of cards. Disjointed supply chains, competition for component parts, research a...

    Zhejiang: Hospital workers’ strike a call for change

    Brutal attacks on doctors and nurses is a sign of a broken healthcare system Vincent Kolo, chinaworker.info Several hundred Zhejiang hospital workers in white coats walked out on strike on 28 October. The staff at Wenling’s No. 1 People’s Hospi...

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    China’s involuted economy

    The economy is tipping into a deflationary crisis with a worsening debt crunch, falling wages and prices, and increasing reliance of fraudulent e...

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