June 20, 2024

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong democracy movement – how did the CCP defeat the struggle?

    Mass struggles will break out in China inevitably in the coming period, but these will also be very complicated – filled with all sorts of illusions and confusions. We do not fear these complications, but we have to understand and prepare.

    Hong Kong in the era of counter-revolution

    “Article 23”: Another national security law passed Hong Kong’s new Article 23 national security law came into effect on 23 March. The Safeguarding National Security Ordinance, its official title, is far broader than the 2020 National Security Law, i...

    Hong Kong: Record low turnout in district council “election”

    Results expose unpopularity of authoritarian rulers chinaworker.info Hong Kong held its “election” for new district councils on 10 December, with a final voter turnout of just 27.5 percent. This is the lowest voting rate since the first district cou...

    China’s mass revolt – where now?

    Most significant protests since the 1989 Democracy Movement Li Yong and Vincent Kolo, chinaworker.info At the time of writing police are massing in Chinese cities in an effort to stamp out the recent protest wave. Protests continue at universities....

    Hong Kong: Crackdowns without end

    Hong Kong continues to be embroiled in political and economic turmoil. In a way, we can say that CCP and its counter-revolution have destroyed Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong: Record low turnout in Beijing’s fake election

    The turnout on 19 December was an extremely low 30.2 percent This is far below the level that any government could hide or photoshop as a “success”. For Hong Kong’s rulers – the CCP – this is another catastrophic PR fiasco. It called a “patriots only...

    Clashes in London’s Chinatown: how not to fight racism and state repression

    Chinese communities overseas face rising political tensions Solidarity Against Repression in China and Hong Kong Two groups of protesters, one involving mainland Chinese organisations, the other young Hong Kong emigres, clashed in London’s Chinatow...

    Hong Kong: Protest at Israel consulate against war and state terror

    Socialist Action expresses its support for a truly independent and socialist Palestine, alongside a democratic, socialist Israel with free and open borders, and with the rights of minorities guaranteed.

    New international campaign: Solidarity Against Repression in China and Hong Kong

    Since the mass struggles in Hong Kong in 2019 the dictatorship of Xi Jinping has responded with unprecedented repression. This is aimed at destroying the movement and preventing future mass struggles in Hong Kong and China. In light of these attacks, International Socialist Alternative (ISA) is launching the campaign Solidarity Against Repression in China and Hong Kong.

    China/Hong Kong: ISA launches new campaign

    Solidarity Against Repression in China & Hong Kong; Free ‘Long Hair’ Leung Kwok-hung! ISA reporters Since the Hong Kong mass struggles in 2019, the situation has changed completely. The dictatorship of Xi Jinping and the misnamed Communist Pa...

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    Britain: Tory vs. Tory-lite – Which way forward after the election?

    Only mass resistance will bring change under a Labour government Socialist Alternative (ISA in England, Wales & Scotland) The Tories are gasping...

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