December 1, 2023


    ISA Statement on The New Cold War and Ukraine War

    ISA International Committee Statement Introduction — “The Single Most Important Element of World Relations” ISA has identified a New Cold War between US and Chinese imperialism, which has asserted itself, as “the single most important element ...

    2023 World Perspectives(1): Epoch of Multiple Crises — We Have a World to Win!

    During the World Congress of ISA held from 30 January to 5 February delegates and visitors held intense discussions on ‘World Perspectives’. As a consequence, the document “Epoch of multiple crises — we have a world to win” was passed. We publish her...

    International Workers’ Day 2021: Organize to fight for global socialism!

    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote in the 1848 Communist Manifesto published by the first international, socialist workers’ organization (the Communist League), whose message runs like a thread through 1 May : "The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of All Countries, Unite!"

    World Perspectives: Opportunities and Dangers in the “Age of Disorder”

    Here we publish the text of a document on World Perspectives discussed, amended and approved by ISA’s International Committee during a meeting from 23–26 February 2021 Introduction Almost four months have passed sinc...

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    Xi-Biden talks: No thaw in Cold War

    Both U.S. and China make fake show of “progress” at San Francisco summit Editorial from Socialist 《社會主義者》magazine, journal of ISA in China, Hong Kong...

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