July 22, 2024


    Healthcare:Neoliberalism causes “social murder” on a global scale

    For a social and political program to fight the pandemic Katya Raetz (Sweden) and Marty Harrison (US) frontline health workers and ISA members The figures for those infected and deceased are outdated as soon as they are reported. More than 3.5 mill...

    Italy: Deepening social and political crisis

    Huge opportunities for building new workers’ party Giuliano Brunetti, Controcorrente (CWI in Italy) 2012 has marked a turning point in the level of the economic, social and political crisis in Italy. After Greece, Italy is one of the hardest hi...

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    United States: Trump assassination attempt helps the right

    Assassinations offer no way forward. We need a revolution to dismantle the sick system of capitalism, get rid of capitalist servants like Trump and Biden, and transform society along socialist lines.

    Join us and organize to back fight. For a socialist world