July 19, 2024


    Kazakhstan: Revolutionary events and military intervention

    Revolutionary events such as those that have taken place in Kazakhstan over the last couple of days have their own dynamic — once started they are difficult to stop. Now dozens have been killed and thousands arrested as foreign troops arrive.

    Kazakhstan: Vadim Kuramshin, prisoners’ rights campaigner, jailed for 12 years

    All pretense of a fair trial dropped – Protest Now! From Campaign Kazakhstan On the second attempt the authorities, Vadim Kuramshin, a well-known campaigner for prisoners’ rights and member of the Socialist Movement Kazakhstan, wsa jailed last ...

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    United States: Trump assassination attempt helps the right

    Assassinations offer no way forward. We need a revolution to dismantle the sick system of capitalism, get rid of capitalist servants like Trump and Biden, and transform society along socialist lines.

    Join us and organize to back fight. For a socialist world