June 17, 2024


    China: A significant retreat in Maoming

    Mass protests against crematorium force government to back down in fear of a new Hong Kong Dahu, chinaworker.info At the end of November, thousands took to the streets in Wenlou in angry protests against plans to build a crematorium. 1,000 riot pol...

    8-year-old becomes China’s youngest lung cancer victim

    China’s toxic air showing no signs of improvement chinaworker.info An unnamed 8-year-old Jiangsu girl has been diagnosed with lung cancer, China’s youngest known victim of the disease. Doctors at the hospital treating her blame exposure to air ...

    China’s pollution overload

    China’s carbon emissions have almost doubled in five years By Sally Tang, Socialist Action (CWI Hong Kong). This article first appeared in Socialism Today (July/August 2013), the magazine of the Socialist Party (CWI in England and Wales). P...

    Air pollution in China “broke all records”

    Last weekend’s air pollution levels in Beijing were 40 times WHO safety limits chinaworker.info reporters “I love our city, but I refuse to be a human vacuum cleaner!” This was one of thousands of comments from Beijingers via social media last ...

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    Pride Month: How the movement against the Vietnam War electrified the fight for queer rights

    Stonewall itself had roots of its own, in the movement that developed against the Vietnam War, which not only helped to crystallize a gay political identity but set the stage for decades of queer organizing to come

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