December 10, 2023


    Syria: Turning point in civil war?

    Regime causes untold civilian suffering and death… rebels’ carry out sectarian massacres - No to imperialist intervention Arne Johansson, from Offensiv (weekly paper of Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, CWI in Sweden) The United States and EU powe...

    Syria: Houla massacre deepens fears of slide into full-blown civil war

    In struggle against brutal Assad regime, working class must oppose sectarianism and imperialist intervention Niall Mulholland, CWI The killing of 108 people near the Syrian town of Houla shocked and appalled people everywhere. Particularly abho...

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    Xi-Biden talks: No thaw in Cold War

    Both U.S. and China make fake show of “progress” at San Francisco summit Editorial from Socialist 《社會主義者》magazine, journal of ISA in China, Hong Kong...

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