March 28, 2023


    Britain: Thatcher – A class warrior for capitalism

    Alistair Tice, Socialist Party regional secretary, Yorkshire "I would suggest as a memorial to Mrs Thatcher that instead of the usual headstone or statue, a dance floor should be erected over her grave". This was proposed by a writer to the Observ...

    Mrs Thatcher and the end of British rule in Hong Kong

    The process by which British imperialism exited Hong Kong, its last major colony, came again into focus following the recent death of former British leader Margaret Thatcher Dave Hundorf, Thatcher, revered as a heroine by capit...

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    SVB Bank collapses: A new global banking crisis?

    The threat of a banking crisis hovers over the world economy after the crash of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the second largest banking collapse in US h...

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