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China exporting state repression

Cartoon by Chinese artist Badiucao.

Under Xi Jinping’s rule repression, censorship, and ‘Big Brother’ surveillance have reached new levels, resembling and in some aspects surpassing Orwell’s science fiction nightmare

Xi Jinping: How strong is China’s strongman?

Xi Jinping: How strong is China’s strongman?

CCP leader’s doctrine of iron dictatorship and China’s “great power” status is enshrined in party constitution – but is this a recipe for stable rule?

China’s power struggle: How strong is Xi Jinping’s hand?

Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping.

19th Congress and internal power struggle • We reply to a letter from a reader

Russia: Youth revolt against Putin

Russia: Youth revolt against Putin

Socialist Alternative (CWI Russia) reporters As the clock moved across Russia’s nine time-zones, in nearly one hundred cities, beginning with the far-eastern cities of Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-na-Amur, hundreds and sometimes thousands turned out for illegal demonstrations, to protest at the corruption of the ruling elite.

China: Xi Jinping becomes “core leader”

Xi Jinping followed by Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao.

A new stage in the CCP’s internal power struggle unfolds