Building worldwide solidarity against Carrie Lam’s repression

Learning the lessons of how democratic rights were won internationally

Adam N. Lee, Stop Repression in Hong Kong

The Stop Repression in Hong Kong campaign was set up in 2017 to coordinate international protests against the worsening political crackdown in Hong Kong. Protests have since been held in more than 25 countries.

This summer, several members of Socialist Action from Hong Kong attended an international conference held by the CWI (Committee for a Workers’ International) in Barcelona, with participants from 30 countries. Many were already closely following events in Hong Kong and China, and had started to organise solidarity campaigns.

Sixty people also attended a half-day seminar to discuss and hear more about the political repression in Hong Kong. Plans were made for further international protests. The message is reaching more and more countries and grassroots activists.

Stop Repression in Hong Kong is about international working class solidarity. It’s long been the tradition of the working class movement to fight for democratic rights, free speech, the right to form parties and trade unions. These rights were never “given” by ruling elites, they had to be fought for! Even in “democracies” like the US and Spain today these rights are under attack.

Hong Kong’s struggle for democratic rights needs to be rebuilt on a stronger base. Part of that will come from learning and building strong links with the international workers’ movement. It’s time to get rid of false hopes that big business and governments like Britain, the US, and EU, care a damn about democratic rights. We need international solidarity – but from below!