January 22, 2022


    Tibet and the National Question

    This article on the national question in Tibet and China was first published on 22 September 2005 Tibet – the “rooftop of the world” – was occupied by the People’s Liberation Army in 1950 and later incorporated into People’s Republic of China as t...

    Tibet erupts!

    Brutal crackdown by Beijing regime meets muted reaction from foreign governments Vincent Kolo, Hong KongThousands of paramilitary police and soldiers have been deployed in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, after the most serious protests against Chinese r...

    The national question in Xinjiang

    Despite rapid economic growth, national and religious tensions are rising in Xinjiang in north-western China. The CWI’s standpoint on this important issue has been called into question by some individuals within the Chinese left – this article explai...

    China and Taiwan: Reunification or confrontation?

    China’s adoption of an Anti-Secession Law (ASL) on 14 March, threatening non-peaceful steps should Taiwan declare formal independence, marked a sharp rise in tensions across the Taiwan Strait.  By Laurence Coates In April, mass anti-Japanese pr...

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    New cold war: Growing calls to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics

    Why is the International Olympic Committee (IOC) so closely allied with China’s dictatorship? This is an issue more and more people are asking in the light of tennis player Peng Shuai’s disappearance and is the background to the current global debate about an Olympic boycott in February.

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