October 18, 2021

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong: One year since ‘516’ electoral revolt

    500,000 protest votes against the political establishment and fake democracy – crucial lessons in the struggle for democratic rights By Dikang and Jen Left, Socialist Action The first anniversary of the ‘516’ elections in Hong Kong is an occasi...

    “6/4” (Tiananmen massacre) 20 years on: The struggle continues!

    China’s government is more afraid than ever of mass struggle The 20th anniversary of the mass movement that ended in the Beijing massacre shows that the spirit of struggle is alive in China and Hong Kong. Despite the best efforts of the Chines...

    Latest News

    The collapse of Evergrande – Chinese regime on horns of a dilemma

    Evergrande, the Chinese property company, is missing one payment deadline after another. If it collapses the consequences could be huge for China’s economy, its authoritarian regime and for global capitalism. ISA (International Socialist Alternative) talks to Vincent Kolo of chinaworker.info about what could happen.

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