June 15, 2024


    70 years since the Chinese revolution

    Capitalism and imperialism were driven out, but political power rested in the hands of a Stalinist communist party This article by Vincent Kolo was first published on chinaworker.info in October 2009, on the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Re...

    Hong Kong’s migrant domestic workers – up against an unjust racist system

    City’s success – built on backs of migrant labour Garrett Johnstone, Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong) Hundreds of migrant workers marched in Hong Kong on Sunday, 9 September, to demand a 24.6 percent increase in their monthly wages to HK$5,5...

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    Biden’s industrial policy: Will it rebuild the US economy?

    It’s time to break the cycle of voting Democrat or Republican and build a new party committed to socialist policies.

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