May 17, 2022

    Climate Change

    Climate change: The end of growth? The capitalist economy & ecological crisis

    The question of economic growth and its relation to the climate crisis is a subject of increasing discussion. Here we offer a Marxist view on this critical issue for the environmental movement.

    Climate crisis: Greenwashing at COP26

    After two weeks, 30,000 delegates, observers and lobbyists are concluding the Global Summit “COP 26” in Glasgow. The result — empty promises and inaction.

    Climate change: Prepare for mass protests at COP26

    Capitalism is killing the planet — fight for a socialist alternative!

    Climate crisis: IPCC’s report shows climate cannot wait — fight for a socialist alternative!

    The new IPCC climate report is vital, but flawed in one crucial respect: the problem is not ‘humanity’ — it’s capitalism!

    Australia’s bushfire catastrophe – a socialist view

    Australia shows the climate disaster is already happening By Jeremy Trott, Socialist Action (CWI in Australia) additional reporting by Adam N Lee The scale of this year’s bushfires is unprecedented, affecting every state on the continent. ...

    Climate talks in Doha “a magnificent failure”

    Only mass struggle against capitalism and for safe clean alternatives can avert a climate catastrophe This year's climate negotiations, “COP 18” (UN Conference of the Parties) took place in Doha, Qatar, from 26 November to 7 December, with represe...

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    China’s ‘Zero Covid’ disaster – voices from Shanghai

    “I want to break down and cry” • Li Yong of spoke to Shanghai residents Haiyang and Xiaoyan. These interviews were conducted on 11 Ap...

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