February 28, 2024


    The working class is back: The strike wave in Britain

    After 12 months of the largest strike movement in Britain for decades, the idea of the organised working class as a force capable of taking on the employers and government is back. This sense of how we can powerfully fight back is not going away.

    UK: Education workers show trade union action gets results. We need real opposition.

    Boris Johnson’s announcement that schools will close until February half term is yet another U-turn from this shambolic Tory government — one which has been forced by the huge pressure from below by education workers. Socialist Alternative members...

    Brexit: A deal without winners

    There is no euphoria among either big business or workers, but rather a relief that the long, tiresome process is over, and — coinciding with the Covid-19 crisis — a stronger-than-ever sense of Tory incompetence Sarah Wrack, Socialist Alternative ...

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    Lenin: His Legacy 100 Years After His Death

    The Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, died on 21 January 1924 — 100 years ago. The party he led, known as t...

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