October 18, 2021


    Taiwan: A successful meeting for solidarity with Hualon strikers

    Solidarity and struggle until victory CWI in Taiwan 22 July was an exciting day, because Hualon textile workers came to Taipei from Miaoli, 100km away, and had a discussion with people. This discussion was held by CWI Taiwan and other groups. 4...

    Taiwan: Textile workers occupy Hualon Factory

    Solidarity needed in fight to save jobs CWI Taiwan Three hundred textile workers in the Hualon Corporation’s factory in Miaoli County, Taiwan declared indefinite strike more than a month ago on 6 June. Since then they have occupied the factory ...

    Taiwan: Over 5,000 march against nuclear power

    Anniversary of Japan’s twin disasters and Fukushima meltdown sees nuclear capitalists back on the offensive Vincent Kolo, chinaworker.info “We must close down all nuclear power plants… We demand the democratic public ownership and control of Ta...

    Taiwan’s history: Every five years a rebellion

    Taiwan was first incorporated into China by the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) in 1683. It first became a province of China in 1885, ten years before the Qing surrendered it to the Japanese in the Sino-Japanese war.  By Laurence CoatesHan Chinese settle...

    China and Taiwan: Reunification or confrontation?

    China’s adoption of an Anti-Secession Law (ASL) on 14 March, threatening non-peaceful steps should Taiwan declare formal independence, marked a sharp rise in tensions across the Taiwan Strait.  By Laurence Coates In April, mass anti-Japanese pr...

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    The collapse of Evergrande – Chinese regime on horns of a dilemma

    Evergrande, the Chinese property company, is missing one payment deadline after another. If it collapses the consequences could be huge for China’s economy, its authoritarian regime and for global capitalism. ISA (International Socialist Alternative) talks to Vincent Kolo of chinaworker.info about what could happen.

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