July 1, 2022

    Hong Kong

    HSBC: The bank that supports the Chinese dictatorship

    We are calling out HSBC for its collusion with the viciously repressive Chinese regime. We urge trade unions and ordinary working people everywhere to show your solidarity with the struggle for democratic rights in China and Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong “subversion” trial – international protests on May 31

    Solidarity Against Repression in China and Hong Kong is building active grassroots solidarity with the anti-authoritarian struggle in China and Hong Kong, and firmly opposes siding with or supporting any capitalist government. The workers’ movement, social movements of women, youth and oppressed minorities, these are the only forces that can defeat repressive regimes.

    New international campaign: Solidarity Against Repression in China and Hong Kong

    Since the mass struggles in Hong Kong in 2019 the dictatorship of Xi Jinping has responded with unprecedented repression. This is aimed at destroying the movement and preventing future mass struggles in Hong Kong and China. In light of these attacks, International Socialist Alternative (ISA) is launching the campaign Solidarity Against Repression in China and Hong Kong.

    China/Hong Kong: ISA launches new campaign

    Solidarity Against Repression in China & Hong Kong; Free ‘Long Hair’ Leung Kwok-hung! ISA reporters Since the Hong Kong mass struggles in 2019, the situation has changed completely. The dictatorship of Xi Jinping and the misnamed Communist Pa...

    Hong Kong mass arrests – Xi Jinping strikes while Western powers are in disarray

    Mass arrests of democratic opposition under China’s national security law ISA reporters in Hong Kong The latest sweeping crackdown by the Chinese dictatorship (CCP) in Hong Kong effectively bans political opposition in the city. The fragile ‘democr...

    China: Xi regime declares war on Jack Ma and Ant Group

    CCP dictatorship’s plan to curb the power of tech oligarchs sends shockwaves through the system. Lee Yong, chinaworker.info This article first appeared on chinaworker.info on 14 November and has been translated to English for ISA. The last-minute...

    US: Trump administration bans Chinese-owned TikTok

    US-China tech war escalating Zhou Yi, chinaworker.info (ISA China) On 31 July, President Trump announced that TikTok (the overseas version of the Chinese video-sharing app Douyin) will be banned nationwide in the US, and the relevant executive or...

    Hong Kong: Third wave of pandemic and counter-revolutionary repression

    Government uses new Covid-19 outbreak as pretext to cancel Legco elections Jo Yan, Socialist Action The passage of the draconian Hong Kong National Security Law means the counter-revolutionary suppression by the Chinese dictatorship (CCP) has offic...

    Hong Kong national security law – Xi Jinping’s “nuclear option”

    The imposition of the new national security law in Hong Kong by the Chinese dictatorship (CCP) is a massive blow to democratic and political rights Per-Ake Westerlund and Vincent Kolo The effect of the Chinese regime’s new law is similar to a milit...

    Hong Kong: Pandemic and repression fail to quell mass anger

    How can the struggle go forward? chinaworker.info The economic crisis under Covid-19 has arrived in full force. Hong Kong’s unemployment rate in the period from March to May was 5.9 percent, which is higher than the 5.5 percent during the global fi...

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