June 6, 2023


    China’s anti-corruption campaign leads to fewer prosecutions

    Xi Jinping’s pledge to catch ‘tigers’ as well as ‘flies’ fails to live up to the media hype Tommy Zheng, chinaworker.info Statistics just released from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP), which oversees criminal investigations and prosecu...

    China’s super-rich get even richer

    Forbes rich list says 400 wealthiest people became 150 billion US dollars wealthier last year Vincent Kolo, chinaworker.info “The rich are getting richer,” declared Russell Flannery, the bureau chief for Forbes Shanghai. The US magazine unveile...

    Bo Xilai and the crisis in the CCP

    Impending criminal trial and delay of party congress highlight deep splits in Chinese regime Vincent Kolo, chinaworker.info The expulsion of fallen ‘princeling’ Bo Xilai from the ruling ‘communist’ party (CCP), decided at the Politburo’s September 28...

    China: The fall of Bo Xilai

    For the first time in two decades an open power struggle erupts within China’s one-party state

    Tiananmen 1989 and the working class

    Nothing alarmed the CCP dictatorship more than the movement of the working class aroused to action by the student-led democracy protests Vincent Kolo, from the book Tiananmen 1989: Seven Weeks That Shook the World The great significance of the ...

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    Hiroshima G7 ramps up US-China Cold War

    The Group of Seven (G7) major Western capitalist economies met in Japan on 19-21 May As expected these governments used this opportunity to ramp u...

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